We are a small UK charity which provides free portable solar lights to rural primary schools in Kenya’s Kwale and Kilifi counties, located in the south-east of the country.These Mwezi solar lights are lent to pupils living in very disadvantaged circumstances – typically with no electricity at home – to do their homework in the evenings, thereby boosting their educational attainment and life chances.
The WhatsApp messages from the teachers at schools receiving the lights explain what a difference access to light makes.
‘I am full of appreciation because the solar lights are making a significant difference to my students’ marks. Pupils are doing much better than before they had the lights.’

Md Mwanahamisi, teacher at Mwananyamala Primary School
‘Imani school has done well in their KCPE exams due to the use of Mwezi lights. The average increased from 206 to 254.94 and their best student joined Shimo La Tewa. I’m very happy. Our pupils are very willing to study, but were unable to due to poverty.’ Md Joyce, teacher at Imani Primary School

Noel Munga is a pupil whose life was transformed by access to a Mwezi light. This is his story:
-‘For the eight years I have been at Kasidi Primary School I have been motivated to succeed just by observing our lives in the village. Life is hard, the land is unproductive due to climate change, hunger and famine are now a mainstay in our lives; that is enough to force me to seek solace in studies. My parents and teachers have always been by my side inspiring me to do my very best in all my studies.’

The Mwezi Foundation came at a very crucial time. It is the solar lamps that made me to study during the night and early in the morning. It is Mwezi Foundation that enabled me to get 422 marks out of 500 in the KCPE exam.It is a pleasure to read for as long as I want without spending a dime on fuel. I was selected to join Alliance High School which is the Harrods of Kenya. After high school I hope to study Aerospace Engineering.’
Noel achieved one of the top results in the whole country in his KCPE exams – 422/500. Alliance High School, where he won a place, took the top scorer. His future is now looking very bright.
We currently support around 3,800 students like Noel each year with Mwezi solar lights. Our aim is to give access to light to at least 10,000 students per year by 2026. Each light costs £12.50 for John to manufacture in our workshop in Mombasa and for Dorcas and Julia, our Schools Managers, to distribute, monitor and replace. Your donation can help transform the life of another Noel, or Florence, or Happy or Mwanasiti, all top performers from our partner schools.

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