Lowdham Railway Heritage

We want to save Lowdham Signalbox which recently became redundant and restore it to its pre-war condition as a visitor attraction.Lowdham Signal box closed recently (October 2016) when the Nottingham to Lincoln line was fully resignalled.Its current location has no public access.The plan is to move the signal box.to a new home on the old cattle dock, just 100 yards from its current location, and then re-fit the interior as it was for the majority of its life with polished wooden block instruments, and a gate wheel that we have recently acquired, with the interlocking restored to its original condition.The signal box would then be open to the public on selected open days, depending on volunteers. Supporters will be asked to help occasionally with the task of stripping the old paint, and repainting it in its original Midland Railway colour scheme of yellow and brown, and a host of other small maintenance tasks.The ultimate aim will be to create a simulation so that visitors can experience how a Victorian country station signal box operated.We are working as a registered charity Lowdham Railway Heritage, no. 1163610.
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