Learning For Life Ghana

A small, effective organisation, with Christian values, that raises funds to support disadvantaged young people in Ghana so they can realise their potential through vocational training or further education. We listen to these young people and empower them to make choices and sustainable changes by giving them an opportunity to work towards a secure future.

Young people in Ghana, who come from poor backgrounds can find it very challenging to continue with education beyond primary school.
We seek sponsorship and donations to enable these young people to access academic or vocational training. We also support football development in rural communities, encouraging teamwork and leadership skills which serve as a road map to becoming motivated and self-disciplined Ghanaian citizens.
LFLG are a small group of volunteers who have supported and mentored needy and destitute children in Ghana for many years.We are committed to

coming alongside young Ghanaians and see them make a positive and sustainable difference in their own circumstances.
keeping supporters informed with regular newsletters.
raising funds to support learning opportunities for its beneficiaries - underprivileged young people - so transforming their lives and futures.

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