Gambia School Support

Gambia School Support is a UK registered charity 1176136
We raise money and help to run two nursery schools in Brufut, The Gambia, West Africa.
The AVI school for 185 children and Brufut Sanchaba school 150 children.
They are 5 mins walk from each other. The children are between the ages of 3 and 6.
We believe the Gambians should operate these schools. In July 17 we set up a Gambian charity with a constitution and 10 capable Gambian trustees. Under our close guidance we are coaching the Trustees to run the school well. We have found a keen 25 year old girl as administrator and communicator with the GSS in the UK. This has brought about a step change in the strength of the governance and accounting.
GSS's approach is to treat its donors and contributors as investors who wish to see their money spent wisely and good outcomes delivered. We provide regular feedback on the project by way of detailed business like reports we do not do emotional pleas after each visit to The Gambia currently 3 p.a..
Finally donors money is never used to pay overheads, expenses or travelhotel etc. All expenses are paid by the trustees themselves. In fact all trustees donate to GSS as well.
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