Providing DONATIONS AID in the form of


Supporting refugees in both Lesvos Island and Bangladesh based Rohingya refugees, from Myanmar (Burma).Medical Professionals are supported from UK. Visits made at different times of the year, as they are charity based unpaid Volunteers, working 4 free - during their holidays.


Water Wells, Hand Pumps - Manuals use only by people £150WATER DEEP BORES

Water Deep Bores with full electrical supplies, to get water at a flick of a button (on/off). £500 / £700FOOD POVERTY

Food provision for families to last a month at a time, in both African and South Asian countries. £20 eachHOUSING AID

Replacing old MUD houses to NEW BRICKS build. Cost £5,000 each. Project on going in Bangladesh now.TOOLS for EMPLOYMENT

Empowering people to fend and provide for themselves.Be it via a sewing machine, electrician tools, decorators tools, bicycles for easy and convenient fast travelling with their items for Sale, Raksha used as a Taxi to earn and make a living.
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