Future foundations

Future Foundations main objectives are to facilitate access to higher and further education for young people aged 12-25 years, from disadvantaged families who are unable to pay for education fees and additional costs, in order to improve future careers prospects. Please donate to support our cause. Future Foundations is a Scottish Charity registration number SC045090 set up by Sharon Joseph Lewa, to provide financial and practical support to young people from Lewa's Joseph home area-Sabaki, in Malindi District - Kenya to obtain secondary andor further education. This is a passionate cause for Lewa who is only where he is now because people believed in him and opened doors for him. Sabaki is an area with high level of poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, drug alcohol abuse, and youth crime. This is largely due to children dropping out of primary school due to pressures to help their families by working to get money or to care for siblings. Many young people get trapped into cycles of poverty and often turn to gangs, crime, prostitution or drink or drugs.
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