Cloth Cat Studios Ltd

We are independent charity based in Leeds, who aim to increase the quality of life for people living in disadvantaged circumstances through the power of music.

Cloth Cat supports people in Leeds

who are in financial hardship, poor physical or mental health, or deprived in other ways whether educationally, socially or culturally. We provide new opportunities to help people build a better life they are able to make new friends, build confidence, learn new practical skills and have fun. We use music to meet our aims as we realise the power it has to help people, and we work in hospitals, youth offending institutions, homeless shelters and in the wider community.

Through rehabilitative, educational and social musical activities run by our dedicated and passionate team of volunteers and mentors we enable them to move from institutionalisation back in to society. We receive incredible feedback from people and referral organisations who tell us that Cloth Cat has had a positive impact in helping them find work, like-minded friends or a place at college. We run on a small budget but want to do so much more so please donate to Cloth Cat if you can.
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