Childrens World

Childrens World was founded in 1981 by Arabella Churchill, granddaughter of Sir Winston Churchill.Based in Glastonbury, in the early years the charity concentrated on providing educational, creative and fun workshops for children with special needs in the South West of England. Alongside the workshops, the charity put on the Glastonbury Childrens Festival every summer for over 30 years.The success of the charitys work in special schools led to requests from mainstream schools for workshops that focused on aspects from the P.S.H.E. curriculum and the charity was soon providing workshops for children of all abilities.It was at this point the charity started designing workshops that would allow children of mixed abilities to work together in a fully integrated project.The charitys geographical range was expanding too, reaching schools and special schools across the UK. While also providing workshops for other organisations such as Barnardos and Social Services.In 1999, having been approached by War Child to see if the charity could provide workshops for refugees from the Kosovan conflict in Albania and Kosovo, Arabella created Childrens World International to extend the reach of the charitys work.Arabella sadly passed away in December 2007, but she made sure the charity was able to continue its work.Childrens World is currently led by 3 directors, and its work continues to grow and evolve, providing workshops for children of all abilities across the UK and world wide.
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