Al Ihsan Trust Sri Lanka

Al Ihsan Trust Srilanka AITS has been working in Sri Lanka since Tsunami hit the Island in December 2004, in a smaller capacity by the FounderTrustee Mr. Nissther Annis, he then decided that something must be done in bigger way to help the poor and the needy in the island and thus the charity was formed in January 2013. Since its inception, AITS provide services sponsoring Orphans, Education, Water Wells, Ramadhan Food Parcels Dry Rations, Qurbani, Free Eye Medical Clinic, Build Masjids and support to renovate run down existing masjids.AITS is an independent UK Registered Charity No 1152441 Whose primary aim is to help those affected by natural disasters , conflict and poverty in Sri Lanka.AITS board of trustees, who are volunteers, form the governing body and are legally responsible for all of the organizations activities under the Charities Act. All board of trustees and personnel of the AITS strive to serve humanity with the skills and expertise that they are blessed with the team comprises of Accountants, Bankers,Engineers, Businessmen, Doctors, Academics and representativeof various fields.We have come along way in 00 years. Everything we have achieved has been possible only with the enthusiasm and hard work of our staff and volunteers, and the generosity of our donors. To each and every one of them, to pour partner and organizations and to all those who have supported us for 00 year, I say Thank You, may Allah subnahu wa ta'la glorified and exalted be He bless and reward you for your efforts, and may Allah subnahu wa ta'la glorified and exalted be He inspire us all for the next 00 years and longer to continue this work.
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